Welcome To My Free Clinic

"My Free Clinic" is a multi-specialty and smart clinical service provider under one roof. "My Free Clinic" run a large network of Clinics at different places in Kolkata. Every center of "My Free Clinic" is focused on not just giving reliably predominant quality low-cost medicinal services but also additionally tending to the everyday human services needs of the family. To boost accommodation and relaxation My Free Clinic is a coordinated model. It offers different Chambers for Doctor Consultation, Health Checkup, Therapy, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Advance medical treatment, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound Treatment, Infrared Detox Therapy, Electromagnetic Therapy, Laser Treatment, Robotics Treatment, and other machinery treatment all under one rooftop. Different time slots are available for individual therapy. All qualified and experienced doctors take care of the patients acutely.