FAQ for Franchise

Q1.  Where you can open this Clinic?
Ans: Presently at different places of Kolkata.
Q2.  What are the services available in My Free Clinic?
Ans: Every clinic offer Doctor consultation, Check-up, Treatment, Therapies based on the Patient's Health requirement.
Q3.  Can I pay a bill online?
Ans: Currently online payment is not available. You can book your appointment only.
Q4.  Can I collect the medicine from this clinic?
Ans: You need to buy medicine from a Medicine shop.
Q5.  When the free check-up is available?
Ans: Free check-up is available for a new patient. Please check our Free Consulting Service page, here it is mentioned as per the clinic's area.
Q6.  Is there any laboratory for diagnosis?
Ans: We treat patients using medicine & therapies. Diagnosis Lab is not there.
Q7.  Do each clinic of My Free Clinic provides emergency treatment?
Ans: We provide primary health-care service and treatment. In some cases, we provide therapies instead of surgery.
Q8.  How can I book my appointment?
Ans: 1. You can do call at +91-9836414142 or send an SMS/WhatsApp or Email to info@myfreeclinic.com after checking the available schedule.
        2. You can book your appointment online using My Free Clinic app/website.
        3.  You can directly come to your nearest My Free clinic.